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Does your classroom training need a virtual makeover?

How do you get used to doing something a new way when you’ve been doing it another way forever? Mel Chambers and I have presented “How to Adapt Traditional Classroom Design for Virtual Instruction” several times at Guild events and elsewhere. With over 18 years designing, delivering and supporting webinars, we’ve distilled our experiences and best practices down to the most important considerations and steps when you’re preparing to teach your old content online. The result is a fun, experiential session that moves along at a good pace. We’ve had consistently positive feedback from participants who learned a lot and who liked our tag-team delivery style.

The best elements of this course are the interactions and group activities that support learning as well as unlearning. Unlearning the old way of designing for, communicating with, and engaging learners is more than half the battle and the part that newbies find the most difficult. This is crucial for our participants who are typically trainers, instructional designers, and online event producers—those who want to understand how to make their virtual classroom sessions as good as good traditional, physical classroom sessions.

This one-day session is BYOL (Bring your own laptop), which allows us to make use of my favorite instructional method—immersion. Because we teach ABOUT teaching in the virtual classroom, it’s important to us that we also login and use the virtual classroom even while we are together in a physical classroom. Our participants are able to become familiar with both the advantages and limitations of virtual classroom platforms.

We designed this session to showcase common virtual classroom features. Participants experience firsthand the technical challenges of setting up equipment and logging in. They are also able to interact through the software by typing questions and responses to our questions in Chat, providing feedback by voting in Polls, watching or broadcasting video, discussing in small subgroups or breakout groups, etc.

Participants are invited to join an online follow up session on April 4, 2017 to continue the discussion and gain some authentic, remote virtual classroom experience.

Click here for more info and to register:

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