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Paranoid that virtual sessions will fail? Good, you should be!

If you’ve presented or participated in webinars, you’ve probably witnessed some sessions that were virtual train wrecks: they couldn’t start on time, the audio failed, video buffered but refused to actually play, shared applications froze, the presenter mishandled the polls, someone turned his microphone on and then apparently threw it into a room with a barking dog  for the rest of the session—the kind of nightmare scenarios that can create anxiety for even the most experienced producer or web-based instructor. Other than feeling sorry for the folks on the other end of the technology, what can you do?

Don’t run away from webinars in fear of technical catastrophe; instead, prepare for the worst, and you’ll succeed. In our Learning Solutions session 410 Wednesday,  Mar 22 4:00- 5:00 ET  “BYOL: Solving—and Preventing!—Your Worst Virtual Event Snafus,” my colleague, client, and friend Kristin King and I share our real-life snafu scenarios, the lessons we’ve learned from them, and the steps we take to avoid and respond to common virtual classroom issues not if, but when they happen.

We’ll also share some troubleshooting documents for three popular tools: Adobe Connect, WebEx, and GoTo Webinar. Click here for description:

Bring your laptop or smart device to log into Adobe Connect with us and play along.*

Follow our posts on Twitter #LS410 #eLGuild, #LSCon and the LSCon app @karenhyder and @kristenking

*If you choose to login, please prepare your hardware before you leave home. See instructions below to ready your WiFi-capable PC or smart device.  I’ll provide login details onsite.

On your PC or Mac, please run the Meeting Connection Diagnostic in advance: Address issues and/or contact me for help

Using a smart device? Install the Adobe Connect app before you leave home.

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