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Making the Case for Trading in your Crappy webinar Software for Adobe Connect

The best reaction I’ve heard from a Learning Solutions conference attendee was, “How did I not know that was a thing?” I’m not sure which specific thing she was talking about, but she was genuinely surprised to see how others leverage technology to create learning experiences. Her wildest dreams were realities at Learning Solutions! Indeed! Our industry and our software tools are about innovation. But are we making good use of the available resources?

For example, too many presenters and event producers aren’t leveraging the awesome features I use in Adobe Connect every day – features that have made it my favorite virtual classroom platform. It can do so much more than the average webinar platform to support interaction. I will admit—we share a love-hate relationship. Be prepared for my harsh criticism and strong warnings about Adobe Connect along with the thick praise! If you’re going to use this software effectively, it’s going to make you work for it.

In my session, Amping up Adobe Connect, you will :

  • See demo of how we at the eLearning Guild online events set up and use the Presenter Only Area (POA) and Layouts to manage up to 15-20 presenters and all their content for our DemoFest Webinars. (Click here to access the playback button for the 90-minute LS DemoFest webinar from 2016. We had some amazing presenters. You can’t SEE the POA, but you can see how the screens update when we change layouts.)
  • Participate in activities using some snazzy after-market pods. See list and download from here: then upload into your session room. I’ll share some cautions around these, too.
  • Engage in interactions using multiple pods at once and customize breakout rooms with replicated and non-replicated pods! Craziness, I know!

I hope we have plenty of time for you to play Joe Ganci’s “Get Flu Savvy” game through Adobe Connect. Joe created the lessons in Captivate and published everything to AC. It works!

You’ll also enjoy my clever and memorable quips, no doubt.

Although this session is not categorized as a Bring Your Own Laptop, you’re invited to B.Y.O.L. and play along with me in Adobe Connect to experience it first hand. If you choose to login, please prepare your hardware before you leave home. See instructions below to ready your WiFi-capable PC or smart device.  I’ll provide login details onsite.

On your PC or Mac, please run the Meeting Connection Diagnostic in advance: Address issues and/or contact me for help

Using a smart device? Install the Adobe Connect app before you leave home.

Android Play

Learning these cool features in this super-flexible virtual classroom environment might change the way you deliver live web sessions. If you don’t currently use Adobe Connect, c’mon along anyway. Let me show you what’s possible online and help you make the case for trading up from your crappy webinar software.

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Learning Solutions Session LS807 Amping Up Adobe Connect
Thurs. Mar 23 4:00- 5:00 ET

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