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Learning Solutions DemoFest is a “science fair” of eLearning projects

Imagine a Hilton Hotel ballroom filled with conference goers and dozens of proud demonstrators with their laptop computers setup on little cocktail tables ready to showcase their best eLearning projects. You’re able to visit each table to see and hear about the extraordinary things these contributors have created using ordinary software tools and often working with super-dull topics, yet they manage to create award-worthy eLearning. That’s DemoFest! I find it inspiring. I’m positive you’ll see something there you had no idea was a thing!

LS DemoFest 2017 See the list of demonstrators and content titles here:–expo–demofest/ Play the video to see last year’s DemoFest scene.

See projects from the following categories:

  • Best Alternative Solution
  • Best Blended Learning Solution
  • Best Business Process Solution
  • Best Game-based Solution
  • Best Mobile Solution
  • Best Sales Training Solution
  • Best Soft Skills Solution
  • Best Video Solution
  • Best of Show Vendor
  • Best of Show Non-Vendor

After votes are counted and the best demos are determined, my role at DemoFest is to introduce myself to DemoFest winners as they exit the stage with their award. As they bask in the glow of their win, I slip them a note with details of the upcoming DemoFest webinar that I will host. This year’s LS DemoFest 90-minute webinar is on Wednesday, April 19 at 10 PT/ 1 ET. Lucky them, they get to give that 7-minute elevator speech one more time, but in Adobe Connect with hundreds logged in and me standing by to help. Recording of LS DemoFest 2016:

Don’t miss DemoFest, Thursday, March 23 at 5-6:30 ET in the Palm Ballroom where demonstrators will repeat their scripts again and again while we munch on hors d’oeuvres.

And be sure to register for the DemoFest webinar in Adobe Connect on Wednesday, April 19 at 10 PT/ 1 ET to see a showcase of winning contributions.  Click here to register:

The eLearning Guild’s main webinars page:

See/”see” you there.



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